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Hard drive on the Horizon

In the past I used to connect 5Mb and larger full height drives but they were unreliable then, so 35 years on, I'm not confident using them. I did fire up my RD30E and it went bang and emitted smoke. Thankfully I had bought a DREM which is a solid state MFM drive emulator which connects to the HD5 controller and works. It stores data on a industrial grade SD card which can be read and backed up on a PC easily.

See their website for details of the product and to buy one -> Here

After some effort, I have created definitions and images for 5mb and 20mb virtual drives on the DREM. I have found that NorthStar CP/M 2.2 on the Horizon does NOT support more than four heads on a drive. The NorthStar Advantage and TurboDos support six heads.

Some useful downloads

• My DREM disk configs (zip) 207Kb

• NS CP/M boot disk NSI (zip) 28Kb

• NS CP/M System disk NSI (zip) 95Kb

• NS HDOS System disk NSI (zip) 92Kb

• NS CP/M preface manual (pdf) 1.6Mb

• Deramp Website Useful manuals and software.