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What's this all about ?

Once upon a time, in a land far away, I learnt how to program an ICL 1301 using punched cards. This developed my interest in computers, and provided a modest income thereafter.

This site used to be the website for Interactive Systems Ltd, Gibraltar company number 4669, but the company has retired - I'm still writing software, mostly freeware, and doing things with small, old, and even new computers.

My news site ran from 2005 - 2016 but needed too much time. I have a good photo library covering that period. I built a SMATV cable headend, but local developments with IPTV have made it obsolete.

There is always room for a commercial project - if its interesting. I built a radio station which communicates with aircraft and sends telemetry to the operators computer centre. It involved finding a site, negotiating the rental with lawyers, putting up antennas, configuring comms equipment and getting the necessary radio licence.

I've had an interest in VOIP since it started, and now the technology has matured and actually works well. So well that the local telephone company are phasing out their copper lines.