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This page has downloads of the freeware I've written.


Where I have included an installer or executables there is a MD5
posted so you can check they are OK. Get a MD5 checker here


So why donate?

Yes, its freeware which means you can download these programs and run them without nag screens, having to register, enter serial numbers or licence fees.. I've been writing software for a living for longer than many of you have been breathing - there are NO hidden features, adverts, spyware, malware or things that annoy me. Be aware that although its tested there may be minor bugs. Read the licence.

If you don't like my software just delete it and move on. BUT if it is useful, show your appreciation with a donation for what you think its worth. Do that and I'll continue developing and publishing freeware which you might find even more useful.

It all uses text files for configuration so you can change how it works - but there are no foreign language versions planned.


I don't want any feedback, suggestions or complaints - just your money via Paypal