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Serial terminal card kit

This is a design by Marco Maccaferri based on his terminal board for the Z80 RC2014 computer, extending its functionalities with support for hardware flow control and configurable baud rates, making it compact and easily connectable to any microcontroller device equipped with a standard TTL serial interface.

The board is based on Parallax’s Propeller microcontroller. All functions are carried out by its 8 cores that run a firmware capable of generating a VGA signal with a resolution of 80×25 characters (720×400 pixels at 70Hz), manage the USB protocol for the connection of a standard PC keyboard, manage the serial interface with baud rates ranging from a minimum of 9600 up to a maximum of 115200 bits per second and ANSI / VT-100 emulation.

• Download the circuit diagram (pdf)

• Download the parts list (pdf)

• Latest firmware (bin) - not loadable by Prop Plug <=new

• Prop Plug package (zip) Programming with a Prop Plug

• Marco Maccaferri's website

Marco does not currently offer kits or boards.

I did offer some kits and PCB's but currently sold out